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Old 12-27-2011, 04:27 AM
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Neinth is someone to look uptoNeinth is someone to look upto

Male wardens can no longer cast downpur due to stamina change,and no ability to get points to do so.Research i think will cover this,i sorta trashed all my males will make oen tommorow and see.

Male wardens have melee attack,but cant level,sorta sucks,think they should be able to be lvled.Swamp bonus to wardens is pretty useless for the males,think it would be a good laugh to have some beefcake wardens running around.

Female wardens wont stand still,for anything.While they can have a nice ranged attack,they mill around way to much to be effective any.Noticed sometimes it also appears their trying to put dead to rest inbetween arrow shots.

Forest warriors does not affect male or female wardens,yet they can both be used for military units.

Female wardens should have access fire arrows(elfes shouldnt really have fire but whatever,maybe make magic imbued or something) And i think the ranged bonus to rangers bows should be applied to female wardens as well,every other research that boosts rangers seems to boost wardens.

And lastly,think female wardens may be overpowered if they could stand still long enough,using swamp elf and research they have a base of 400 hp and 300 dmg,rather high.Please dont change that though unless you make them stay put instead of doing the hokey pokey all the time :>

And lastly,please add a toggle to female wardens for ranged or melee,possibly use windstance for ranged and stone for melee,would make sense,though wind stance attack bonus would be insane,and would stop wardens being able to use hide all the time.

If you cant tell,i want a warden army :>

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