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Old 12-22-2011, 04:58 PM
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I can sympathize with you. There as issues that the developers are working hard to fix. Many of them are not easy to stomp out because there are folk such as yourself that have extensive problems that only affect a few people here and there. That makes it's much harder to nail down the problem.

Here is what I would suggest. The advantage of this game over other MMO's is that your only paying one fee and there is no subscription. All updates and patches are literally free for you. I would give them a chance to get the christmas patch and the follow patch out and see if the situation improves.

In the mean time, make sure your posting all the bugs you find with a copy of your log1.txt file in your post. Please note, this file is only useful if you post it right after you encounter a game wrecking bug. The next time you start the game, it begins a new log1.txt.

If all else fails you can always take a month off, give the development team some time to hash out some more bugs and then pick it up again and see how things have improved.

I'm just another player who tries to help other players out. I experience alot of the same bugs you do and I understand your frustration. I also have the unique honor of helping to find out alot of these bugs so they can squash them. Trust me when I say from personal experience that these guys are not sitting in their bums. They are working hard every day to make everyone's experience better

Give them time. At least we are not paying subscriptions. There are other MMO's out there that have just as many problems if not more. These guys at least will compensate their fans for game breaking bugs. Most MMO's won't give you anything in that regard.
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