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Old 12-22-2011, 03:43 PM
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Neinth is someone to look uptoNeinth is someone to look upto

End of enemies abound,when talking to gelino in home city he says "I apologies" sounds a bit off even with the elfs weird way of talking

start of woe to the wood elf borinthas says the word "attackun" again,even with elves dialogues this word seems out of place,he also tells me wood elfes are planning an attack and they must be slaughtered,well good laugh because i do belive I am a wood elf.

And gelino is creepy as all hell,keep waiting for the blacked out van to pull up and offer my wardens some candy,be sorta funny to get him a pimped out horse cart/carraige.

And i get confused with the elfs region area's but swamp is wood elves,thought the bolforest'l area was wood/high elves and other was high elfs.

also how the hell do i spell elves/elfs

And sorry for all these posts,my units wont lvl and i cant get them killed off without using a bug to do it,so am really bored doing the story line stuff,i cleared all of the honor quest with just my hero,cuz everything died in like 2 minutes cause i didnt know to move them behind the walls,and my hero however was stuck behind the gates and had to wait for the treants to break them down.

And are treants supposed to stick to the walls once you have them used as ladders,only unit that lived most the time was my treant and my hero,but somehow treant ended up sexing the wall up and couldnt be arsed to stop and clamp onto the inner wall after the enemy treants broke down outer gate.