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Old 12-22-2011, 03:14 PM
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Neinth is someone to look uptoNeinth is someone to look upto

In enemies Abound,tiltos map,waypoint flags dont show consistently,unit view area doesnt light up like normal,the bridge you cross at the end,units run down valley and back up valley wall instead of walking across the bridge.And at end when princess goes poof,her icon stays up top,can move her around,just cant see her.

Also while i find it very hard to read elven dialogues because all the gibberish words,which I sorta like,just difficult to keep up with at times,wtf is she talking about small magic that cant be done with enemies around? Maybe add a back button to dialogues so I can go back and try and figure that one out.

And anouther note,props for not dressing her like a whore,though I could see her doing a very good rendition of dude looks like a lady,perhaps a bit to masculine.Man hands,thats all that really needs to be said there.