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Old 12-21-2011, 06:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Sanezu View Post
I'm not sure is this bug or what but my elven army once disappeared and never appeared again. I was transferring my units back to village. My resources are disappearing too fast and I can't build towers (I have already researched all engineering technology). Even palisade won't disappear when I build my stonewalls and one stonegate disappeared when I tried upgrade it to Archway (or whatever it was). I have problems with garviolas too. They always disappear once I log out and then log in. With orcs I have problem too. My labourers stop working when I log in and I have to give them something to do again. There is also sometimes yellow light what fills whole area but it disappear when I exit game and start again. I almost forget that I can't find any PvP players or make Alliance. I get message that can't connect to servers. I can't play Kindom Wars either.
your wall problems seem new to me as well as the Disappearing army as for resources i assume your elves if so you might be using alchemy or not have any space the garviolas i am not too sure about someone else would have to answer that as for the orcs that all sounds like bugs

aliiance- isn't in the game YET but will be added later on maybe this month or early next year

pvp- thats a problem

kingdom wars - what slot, town and race are you using for this?

After you answer the question then please put in a log as well as it should help REV fix most of these
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