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Old 12-21-2011, 11:28 AM
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Neinth is someone to look uptoNeinth is someone to look upto

Left the loading screen up for about 15 minutes and city loaded,noit sure on exactly how long it took.

Nothing appears broken or out of place,but then again i can rarely remember my name :>

Edit: Seems i lied,my works wont return to drop off point,will collect goods till their full,then just stand there.On a weird note i have a level 2 pheasant,with 118 skill points,to bad i cant use them,and 4 other lvl 1 pheasants with 125 skill points each.

Anouther edit,a full restart with killing the dof.exe after i exited game seems to have fixed the workers,but i still have a lvl 2 pheasant which is sorta cool,should let me use those skill points,make him superman :>

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