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Old 12-21-2011, 07:49 AM
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Neinth is someone to look uptoNeinth is someone to look upto

Group of wardens you get for completing a quest spawn inside the swamp river(in the swamp map?) cant be moved around unless you move them to an army then back.

Human workers in the wold i wanna say,one thats surrounded by a "u" shaped river on back side,one or two can get stuck when chopping tree's,and if you select that units group,and task them to other side of map for something,they'll keep trying to regroup with the stuck one,making for long travel times and less income from their tasks.Also fixed by moving to army and back.

In southmont region if you build walls/palisades in the north,its possible for units to get stuck between the walls and the build spot near there,tends to happen if you have them tasked for wood.

Female wardens mill around ALOT if you try and use them to fight,they will fire one or two arrows,then move,do the hokey pokey,fire a few more,and turn them selfes around.Or run away,change their location on their own as a group,or worse,run into the 4 ogres agro range and get themselves all killed off.In general their just Uncontrolable.Think marauders may do same thing,stand there with their little knifes looking dumb,and i know they will move themselves.Think quick fix would be to choose if they both use melee or range,as a toggle.As it appears their trying to decide what to do.

female wardens and male wardens bonus to attack for swamp makes no sense either,female wardens can easily out do rangers with 170 attack at start,but males with same bonus have like 60 dmg.

And lastly,cows/pigs/sheep/chicken.I swear these things breed.They come out of barn in 5's.But if you wait long enough,you'll end up with groups of 1.These groups of one dont apear when you click the farm animal icon up top,and if you move your farm animals to an army,these wont be selectable.Issue with it,is they still take 1 pop,only way to rid yourself of these is to task workers to kill them,that is,if you can find them.If your lucky their milling about wherever your main herd was,can find them a bit easier by dragging a box around an area'they will pop up in that liist,and are controllable that way.And this happens even if you dont have workers set to kill them,their not remnants of a group that was slaughtered already or anything of the likes,you can still select those and move them out of the city.