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Old 12-20-2011, 01:20 PM
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Default Skirmish Modes

Hello, me and my girlfriend just bought this game after watching the dev diaries and reading a little on it to make sure it is what I am looking for. It seemed like a Battle for Middle Earth or Command and Conquer game that had an alternate mode that included rpg elements like quests and whatnot.

In the About page of this site it says:
There are two main skirmish modes available in Dawn of Fantasy online and single-player gameplay: Lay Siege and Stronghold Defense. Each of these modes can be played as either single-player or multi-player team matches. These modes are cut down, fast-paced samples of MMORTS gameplay, meant to provide training ground for players to test out their MMORTS builds and strategies.

I was particularly interested in the line "Each of these modes can be played as either single-player or multi-player team matches." So far I have not found any way to play a multi player team match of lay siege or stronghold defense, which seem to be the only ways to play a non-persistant rts style game which is what I was looking for. I see no lobbies or host/join options anywhere, so was curious if someone could either help me figure out how to set up a multiplayer match that I can play with her, or explain how this is NOT false advertisement.