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Old 12-19-2011, 05:02 PM
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Exclamation Patch # 1.1.4 B - Patch before Christmas.

We hope everyone is enjoying their time off for the holidays and spending more time with Dawn of Fantasy! We are excitingly awaiting the end of the week and the massively Holiday in-game event we have planned for you. Meanwhile a new patch release today address large number of issues across the board - check the patch notes for full list of fixes. And a quick update on our development plans - from next week we`ll be again switching our focus towards major gameplay additions - next we plan to work in new way to select and command your soldiers - combined with a lagless, beautiful new pathfinding system - leading the way to a 6 player PvP battles. Happy Holidays!
Patch is live!

Patch # 1.1.4 B

:::::Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-Reworked spawning units from armies to homeland to avoid lag and potential crash
-Fixed rain and snow FX never showing
-Several Out of Sync issues fixed
-Fixed rare game breaking issue with Orc construction not working, even on reload.
-Removed Dwarves from NPC strongholds and fixed crash issue with NPC sieging

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Fixed canceling PvP protection bringing back the PvP protection timer returning to the game
-Fixed issue with unwalkable gatehouses and walls along with their upgrades not positioned correctly.
-More polish and additions to wall upgrades to make sure they are in correct positions.
-Elven Garviola the man eating plant, created by Enchanters is fixed and works, when fully grown it can eat multiple enemies at once. Takes multiple days to fully grow.
-Elven Techs inside Arcane Sanctuary are fixed and correctly enable Bolt Thrower and Garviola. Garviolas can only be grown inside Elven homelands.

::::Balance Adjustments:::::
-Mercenary Labourers will no longer give an unfair build rate to Human and Elven construction in foreign homelands; build rate is half of normal when building on another race's constructions.
-Goblins have less health and attack damage.
-Default unit health increase skill amount reduced to +25 from +50.