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Old 12-16-2011, 10:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Questar View Post
Hey guys,

So I'm getting tolerable lag in the main map/move your armies view as well as in my city or other cities but it isn't too bad. But when I load into the "view map" looting/battle my lag is so bad it's unplayable. The graphics are on the lowest possible, ^_^

I'm running a Radeon HD 4600 GFX card with 1 gig memory. The computer as a whole(which is running XP 32bit) has 4gig.

Really like to get this working better....playing the orcs without the ability to randomly loot is proving a bit o' a challenge. Any way to get the lag down? I've heard the game hates XP, is that true?
Yes the game has a horrible xp lagspikes, we will be trying to fix them hopefully in a month which is really bad I know. I personally love xp but I'm upgrading to windows 7, i cant stand getting left behind like this. Also what is your CPU? if it can handle 64 bit xp, I would try upgrading to 64 bit xp if you can not get win7, but make sure your ram and cpu can do 64 bit!

Also the view mode needs polish, its way to large and laggy.

Originally Posted by GamerGuy View Post
Ok so here is the latest update to my sitution:

I ran out to best buy and grabbed my self a GeForce GT 430 graphics card (not a very good one i know). I got this card just to see if getting a better graphics card would take care of the laggy game play

The Results are...........yes it worked!!! The game runs smooth now and there is not laggy animations or graphics. I baught this cheap card (89.00) just to see if this would fix the problem and it did. So if ur having problems with laggy graphics and you have an older card thats the reason. Now that i know the card was the issue im gunna order my self a nice new Radeon from newegg and then return this piece of crap to BestBuy when it arrives in the mail.

Awsome Game!!! when you dont have to deal with laggy graphics!!
Good to hear! I knew that would fix it, it was about time, you will need that card to play future games also.
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