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Old 12-16-2011, 07:53 AM
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Default Hero loosing level glitch happend again!
Not th cloning issue but the glitch about hero loosing levels.

I leveled up my hero today from level 16 to 28. Then I exit the game to do someting else.
After returning to game my hero is level 15 again. This happened now the third time total and the first time since patch 1.1.4 is live.

Detailed description what happened:
Before exit the game I finished a quest. This time it was Sir Lentoth's Wold quest to destroy army. In that quest my hero got leveled to level 28. After quest I went back to worldmap without problem, went to hometown, got rewart and one additional influence point. I got the new quest, changed the hero from hometown to army 1 and then I logged out and exit game.
Approx. 45 min. later I started the game to continue with questing but my hero was no longer part of army 1. Instead he was put back to hometown. The new quest was not received and the influence point I collected before logging out was also missing. The hero was reset to level 15 with starting stats and 42 skill points.
That's it!

I attached the log1.txt file.

Again my coordinates:

Ingame name: wasserali
Hometown: Hightower, slot 3
Human town in Southmont

@ Joseph: Please catch the bug!


Another strange occurrence!

I continud playing after above described incident. Leveling up my royal dragon to level 39. At least I tried.
I tried to go to view mode. loading screen appeared, music etc. as it should be. Then music stopped, voice told me that my stone wall is finished (My castle is fully built, no consruction going on!!!), then music continued and continued and continued.....after 10 min. I quit game. Restart and check if Hero lost (no) dragon lost (no) anything else lost (no) influence lost my influence doubled!!! Had approx. 870 influence before and now 1700 + influence!!!
Thank you very much!

This happend to me the second time now. I already reported earlier (Thread strange things going on) and Konstantin told that I got somhow involved into a PvP battle and won and... I dont know. That time I got 280 influence for nothing. This time its much more!

If you want to see the log1.txt file please tell me. I saved it to have it available if required.

Now I will check if I didnt dream all of this!


Strange things do not stop!

While continuing playing the clone issue happened again. I checked hometown and my former single unit of Level 7 dwarfen gunmen multiplied to 8 now.
Also stone wall is under construction! My castle was maxed out but I had to construct again 3 towers. All the time I put stone into hometown I am told that my stone wall is under consruction of finished. No stone wall to construct! all is built! No construction site visible! My stone wall is complete! But still stone disappeares and voice tells me otherwise. Very strange.

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