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Old 12-16-2011, 12:42 AM
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Default Game crash

As requested by Joseph, I report here issues happening since update to patch 1.1.4.

My game is crashing several times since update. The last time it happed the following way:
I go to army view in Wold to level up my royal dragon (already level 36 hehe). Kicking arses to level up and all of a sudden the screen turns black, time indicator stops. the mini map in the corner shown the view of hometown. first second of homwtown minimap shows even the starting enemies which sorounded the hometown at start of game!
After approx. 3 min the view changes to hometown bu hometown view shows no buttons or anything to interact except chat button.
At his point I quit game because no more interaction possible.
I copied the log files and the attached log1.txt is taken from that copy.
Now I restarted game to check if anything changed, dissappeared, etc.
So far my frrst check: Hero still there, Dragons still there (level-up experience gained in that short session not lost!), army unchanged. So far so good, noting bad happend!
The other times it happend where while doing quest in Rollingplain ( yes Joseph, I still try to loose my dragon and to let my hero loose levels again, until now no success) or during travel on worldmap to quest or back from quest.

But: this recurrence of incidents increased since 1.1.4. With earlier patches it was on incident all 2 or 3 days and game did not crash but was possible to continue playing. In addition, I think this is still the cloning issue. ButI cannot be sure because I dont place any army anymore in my hometown, nor sheeps, nos peasants. All of them cloned themselves an I dismissed all of them (except my dwarfen battler and dwarfen cannon. I could not face I t until now to loose them all).

Conclusion: I believe the cloning issue is still alive and frequency of recurrence has increased, at least in my perception.

Now I continue playing game. My dragon is still waiting for level 37. If anything else happens I keep you posted.

Hope this might help to fix a bug!


I put an army in hometown to be sure it is cloning issue. After next incident army doubled, so it is!

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