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Old 12-08-2011, 11:07 AM
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Default Spell Effects, Particle Effects, and Sound Effects

sure these are all in the works, but I thought I'd open with the war cry spell from the human hero, particular proble-

AGH my ears! Way too high on the volume. Everytime I use that ability I almost immediately have to lower the volume on my speakers. Also the quality of the shout isn't even that good, it doesn't sound like a hero shouting in a field in battle, and rather sounds like a poorly recorded wav file that has the volume jacked up, and it's been like that since my experiences in the closed beta.

Not to be so harsh about it but it could use a redesign (it felt like a "placeholder" sound effect anyway), perhaps not only make it a little quieter but revamp it to sound like someone in the midst of an army, followed by the subsequent cheering of his fellow soldiers. I'm sure you can see what I mean about it, at least until then Lower the volume please, it's just way too loud.

In regards to the overall graphics of this game, it's already fairly obvious that the graphics are outdated, but that doesn't bother me in general, I've seen games undergo amazing graphical evolutions in the future. But sometimes graphics have a necessary impact on gameplay.

Right now while I'm playing as humans, I have several units with abilities that effect other units, problem is I have no idea the actual radius of the effect, also it's difficult to tell how long the ability is actually affecting them for. With regards to the warcry, Have some kind of spell effect appear over the hero showing both the user and the enemy that the skill is being used, perhaps have a circle flash in the area to show the area being affected. And maybe have some kind of effect display on the models of the units affected, like perhaps crossed swords over the heads of the units, or simply just over the unit battalions flags, or maybe even something simple as a bright glowing aura showing the effect.

Or even simpler, how about simply having buffs appear somewhere on the unit's circular selection portrait, showing that the unit is actually affected by the buff, half the time I'm just running my hero right into the middle of a fight, using the ability and hoping that every is affected best I can. Having a number show up on the abilities indicating either duration or cooldown could help also, it's difficult to tell when the abilities actually wear off.
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