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Old 12-08-2011, 04:42 AM
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Well in regards to the text showing the units current command, I think I've seen it in at most maybe 1 or 2 RTS. I think mainly I remember seeing it in the classing stronghold game when you click on a villager, though I'm sure I might have seen it somewhere else.

But at any reason I figure each command can have a certain string relating to it's state, as for where it can show up, it can show up somewhere on the stat card at the bottom left, it's really just an idea I thought up that would be convenient given the current system we have here, right now it's hard to tell if my archers are attack moving, or about to go melee with ogres.

More importantly, I believe I played another RTS with a system that makes low health units easily selectable. Basically, when a units health reaches red, it gets added to it's own "Red HP Selection" button up at the top, where it is automatically removed from if it's health goes back up to a yellow bar. I figure this way we can better keep track of our weakened units anyway.

Or alternatively, at the top where you keep all the unit portraits, have the unit with the lowest life bar show their life bar and portrait, that way we know which unit is most likely in danger.

Edit: I think one of them might be Kohan II: Kings of War, but I'll have to look into it the next time I get the chance.
Edit2: After reinstalling Kohan, I realized this wasn't the game I was thinking of, good memories though.

I will attempt to research into where some of my ideas came from, I'm certain there might be soemthing I'm missing in terms of details. But examples speak a thousand words, so I'll look for it.

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