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Old 12-08-2011, 03:43 AM
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Well thats a Good Question

So far most Units have only Permanent Names
so theres no Way to Name a Unit right now
Including your "Hero" Unit

I guess Easiest way would be to do this Client Sided

Means Each Client gets one more File which will Contain Text Strings from which Names can be Called

Means you would need 4 Calls for each Unit

Own Unit Name String used if the Hero is Your Unit and Leads to your File
Allied Unit Name String used if the Hero is your Ally and Leads to your Allys File
Enemy Unit Name String used if the Hero is Your Enemy and Leading to your Enemys File
And Enemy Ally Unit Name String used if the Hero is the Alliy of your Enemy

So in usual Game this wont be much work
since your Client only inserts a Text String from your Own Computer
called by the Unit which´s Data is safed on Server

In PvP would be more Complicatet since you would need to Differeniate 4 Units from each other
thus a Parameter to Differeniate must be Given
And on top they need to be Dynamic for each Person

Difference is taken by

Attacker Helper
Defender Helper

Now the Server must call the Clients for that Position and assign the Forwarded Names to the Right Units

That would Certainly be some Work as it means to do a Patch
and edit quite a number of Files as well as maybe Creating a new File

Tough I think a System for that is most likely already in Place for Hero Customization
so maybe its not even needed to do a Roundabout way like this in the First place
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