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Old 12-07-2011, 12:44 PM
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Welcome to our community.

Great post, and we are planning to address the controls in the near future.

for targetting enemies, the enemy battalion flags should have a wider click radius, were talking a bigger circle here
This is our first priority, as it`s easy to add and will make a world of a difference.

If there is a deselect, I suggest moving it to "Hold ctrl and click units to remove them from selection."
There is no deselect command right now, but I agreed we really need to add one. This will also be included in the near future.

In terms of attack/attackmove differentiating, Aside from just having a toggle, there should be a hotkey or direct command for attack move. Or how about a text on each individual units indicating what their current order is. That way we can check to see if our unit is attack moving, moving, attacking, or using a spell.
I agree about a hotkey, however I`m not clear about your idea of indicating this. I don`t recall seeing this in other RTS games, and not sure how or where can we show it on the GUI. Any ideas?

Considering loss of a squad results in a loss of all that gained experience, I think we need a little better indication of our units demise. I think that the simplest solution would be that when a units life reaches red, or close to red, it gets put into it's own little selection along with other units in red health.
We played around with this idea and couldn`t find any good way to implement this. Our plan instead to make these badly injured units try and flee from combat on their own, so they would automatically run to the edge of the map outside of player control - and if they make it, they`ll leave to fight another day. However - this is quite a bit of work on our end, and we don`t think this will be added until late December.

Once again thanks for the valuable feedback!
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