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Default Selectet Forces of your Troops

Lately it has become an Issue that you keep Losing Units you took a Liking to

So now I want to make the Following Proposal

Let a Player have an Honor Guard

Working as Follows

You get a new Building (or just an tech)
named Honor Guard Quarters
as well as 3 additional Techs I will explain down here

Player with no Tech can have 1 Unit as Honor Guard of its Hero
Player with the Building can have 3 Units as Honor Guard
1. Tech Now you can have the Tech Expanded Honor Guard to have 5 Units as Honor Guard
2. Tech You can Research Expert Weaponry and Armor which will give Honor Guard Units a slight Buff to their Stats
3. Tech Named "Pride of the Army" allowing your Honor Guard to lvl up to lvl 40 (middle between Hero and Normal Units)

The Honor Guard aside from being a Little Stronger then Normal Units
can be Revived Using Ressources and if they are high lvl of course it would also Cost Influence

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