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Old 12-07-2011, 12:14 AM
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My brother and I are going to play through this together, my suggestion, if you ever want to play through this game do the following.

A. DO NOT SPOIL THE STORY (it's the best part of the freaking game)
B. Play with friends (roleplaying adds to the fun also)

I simply love the voice acting in the game, in terms of gameplay though, nothing really new or impressive, basically just a rehashed WoW system, but if you gotta play a WoW styled MMO, at least they gave us a great story to play through.

To be perfectly honest, from playing the beta weekend, I am now so spoiled by the voice acting, that I don't even bother to read text anymore, I might be missing out on a good story for DoF, but honestly I am just that spoiled by the voice acting. It's to the point that I could probably never player other MMO's again unless they had the same voice acting, the level of involvement has such high merit.

Edit: Also, got the ship and did space ship battles during the beta weekend, they are awesome (starfox style) but theres not enough to do with them. Definately tons of content update potential for them however.
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