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Old 05-20-2008, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Gothmog82 View Post
Firstly i'd like to wave at everyone in this forum, i'm a new member and as all of u i can't wait for the release of this game.Forgive me 4 my bad english, i knw it is't very good!

On my opinion let's increase the "dark" Factions, but dark elves are almost abused in fantasy games!The idea of Vikings or Nords is good as it is the one of undead...but what about mix the 2?Anyone has read "A Song of fire and Ice" by George RR Martin?

These barbarians could adore dark ancient Gods, and their sorcerers could summon (or convert dead units in) zombie-like creatures and so on..
Welcome Gothmog,

Dark Elves would be a great faction in my opinion, i'm a huge R.A. Salvatore fan, and our "fantasy direction" if you will is mostly D&D based, so you could be assured that it would be done right. With the technology to have underground stuctures in DoF, i'm sure Dark Elves would be something we could really run with. However I'm not sure how well they would work as an add-on as we already have an elven faction and some players might find them too similiar. Though for people who have read about them will argue they can be quite different.

The Barbarians would be a good idea as well, I'm sure the writers could do a lot with that, also having a Divine sort of magic rather than Arcane could also give you a much different gameplay style.

Currently we don't have a divine magic style, and I think going forward into DoF 2, it will be something we'll add. Clerics, Paladins, Shamans and Monks are all really huge Fantasy classes that we currently don't employ, so it's definately something we will be thinking about for the next DoF installment.
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