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Old 12-06-2011, 07:40 AM
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20 Seconds -about 3-5 Seconds which are lost to loading the Screen
So I keep maybe 15 seconds

but well lets just say 20

Lets say I need a second to move a Unit back up to Tower (honestly said thats impossible since even if you could do it yourself the Game which is lagging due to Synchro will not cover with it. but ok....
Saying I also guess the right Gate
that would still mean that I need to move about 20 Units back into the right Position.
than I would need to order 5 Stacks of Units to Reform and Activate their Abilitys
lets say I need about 1 second per stack which is also pretty impossible due to heavy lag when selecting a stack but well also ignoring that.

I would already be at 25 seconds
and I havnt closed my Gate
much less I even told my Workers to Return.

And thats already in the case that I ONLY readjust stuff that went awry during loadup

Means thats the case for me being Perfectly prepared for an Attack and awaiting the Enemy already
but especially smaller players cant do that since unlike me they cant afford to have a whole Army Garrisoned in their City all the time.
They need to move around with their Units
and do stuff like Quests and Leveling

I will make this a little more detailed

I know that the Pathfinding Patch
has also put forth the CHANCE of eventually including the feature to safe status of Units
but it was never assured or announced

So let me Recommend
to Increase the Preparation Time to 2 Minutes at least

if the Patch fixes the Issues with Units moving down from the Wall and stuff
then it can still be shortened again.

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