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Old 12-06-2011, 06:26 AM
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Default Time before Attacker Spawns in Town PvP

Right now the Defender has a bit less than maybe 20 seconds to prepare for an Attack

Now honestly said this is a joke
in that time even if using only Hotkeys and the rare case of them actually working perfectly fine

that would not even be enough time to let peasants into the Fort and Close the Gates

But actually we even have additional problems which would need time

By Loading Town PvP

All Units in Town are moved a little so they often move down from Towers
also the Formations and any Status Command will be set back to basic

So while the Attacker can immediatly form up and attack with big Stacks
the Defender would need to select each Unit seperately and position it first then form up and activate special effects

I would recomment to give the Defender at least 2 minutes of Preparation Time
so he can move his Units back to the Towers and Close the Gates
as well as tell em what they should do.

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