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Old 12-04-2011, 06:17 PM
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Default Cool, first pvp but some problems

Ok, I had an attack on my stronghold while 50% of my forces were out in the normal campaign (attacking the 3 rebellion towns).

The attacker marched his forces in... I tried to gather my peasants using the war-bell...

Which sorta worked however, for some reason the gates were allowed to open for the invading orcs...


So being thumped... the war ended and btw... the forces reported to be invading... well something was amiss because there were absolutely MORE forces than reported... he had a force at least 3x mine.

So with the town re-couping... some of my peasants are "glued" to my outer houses, just outside of my gates. The wont respond to my move-directions but they can be selected.... they just refuse to move. As there seems to be no "disband" I guess I could try creating an army using those units to free them correct? and dump them back into the town... but that is annoying.

So I guess I should ask since there is no written info on this...
What is the proper proceedure to getting your peasants called into the town and locking the gates?
Well hope things work out with the bugs and patches, despite this pain its a fun game, so far... glad to help support fellow Canadians.

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