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as always,you're stories are astonishing dream. Good job! Does that mean it's over though?I quite enjoyed reading them, and it would be a shame to be over so soon.

edit: oh and if you aren't sure how to tie it due to the story ending, use a time span. Ex: 1 years later, the tension between elves and humans got worse than ever. The defeat of the humans lead by Cleaver torn the empire into 2 sides,one fighting for Valkyrie and asking for justice as well as peace with the elves, while the other asked for Arkantos' head. In the meantime, the woods were troubled themselves by the fights happening between the swamp elves and the high elves. During the great victory of Arkantos over the humans, the council used that as an excuse to massacre thousands of swamp elves , accusing them of breaking the peace.

In the mountains, The great victory of the orcs were known by all the clans and acclaimed by many. However, it also got others furious and one of them in particular, called Braindawg desired the honor of leading all the orc clans more than ever and would stop at nothing to fulfill his goal.

Betrayal and new alliances are the key . Learned it by reading A song of fire and ice books
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