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Old 12-04-2011, 12:09 PM
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when fighting other human players you search for them in the region your army is in and it searches all available players with enough army strength or town strength. Currently you never see another player's army or town unless your attacking it. This allows any amount of players to be online at once and space on the world map does not matter.

I was involved in Block A beta about 2 1/2 years ago. After the game launched in an unstable state with placeholder mounts and AI, the devs stopped talking to us. It took almost a year for the intended horses to be put in, and that patch broke the game for 2 weeks. A year and a half later, the so called "hard-working devs" still have a game with horrible placeholder AI, bland environments, houses that get rain through roofs and grass through floors, a bad melee system, and nothing to do besides get into a team of 25 and go kill anyone trying to find what scarce enjoyment there was in that game.
Well for excommunication I'd say we are doing you and others a bad job by talking to you a lot and updating the game a lot.

I hope the released game will install correctly, because I have vista 32 bit, nvidia gt 8800 graphics card, 4gb of ram, and 120gb of memory. I can run Skyrim on ultra.
do you know what processor you have? if its a quad core you should have no problem running the game at all moments, but if its a duel core you may run into a few lagspikes every once in a while.

We have updated the updater a lot since then and fixed many buys with it, no matter how sure I am that it will work for you I cannot guarantee it, although if it does not pm me and I will push my hand personally to make sure you get a full refund.

I believe our refund policies have changed so read them to make sure, I'm not 100% but I think we stopped refunding on basis of lagspikes and ingame crashing as it will improve as we optimize the game. XP is the worst os that has the most trouble, but im sure vista can have issues too. Get back to me on your processor because if thats low then I'd recommend waiting a month or two.

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