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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
157 str sounds about right to me as i updated how heros react to playing wound and defence animations. your lvl 60 in next patch will almost never play wound or defense animations while getting attacked by swarms of enemies, before swarms of them would cause heroes to play wound animations endlessly without giving him time to attack back!

A full lvl 60 hero for me afterwards took on 6 battalions of human archers and about 10 swordsman battlaions and won with a few health potions to spare. how much str would 16 lvl1 battlaions have? 200?
if I remember well I think lvl 1 have 4 army str, so about 64.I might be wrong though

edit : yep,it's around 4. it takes me 16 lvl 9 rangers to get to about 200 army str. It's why I'm wondering for the hero. if he can take on lvl 1,amazing, but if he can't hold his ground against lvl 9 units,then worthless
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