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Old 12-04-2011, 08:14 AM
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Thanks for the information Joseph and I hope you take the time to read this. I'm surprised at the level of dedications of the developers. I would buy the game in a heart beat because it promises incredible things; however, I've recently quit another game that promised as much called Mortal Online.

I was involved in Block A beta about 2 1/2 years ago. After the game launched in an unstable state with placeholder mounts and AI, the devs stopped talking to us. It took almost a year for the intended horses to be put in, and that patch broke the game for 2 weeks. A year and a half later, the so called "hard-working devs" still have a game with horrible placeholder AI, bland environments, houses that get rain through roofs and grass through floors, a bad melee system, and nothing to do besides get into a team of 25 and go kill anyone trying to find what scarce enjoyment there was in that game.

A while ago, in an attempt to find a new game, i chanced upon this game in the beta and got my beta code. However, the installer had major issues with my system and wouldn't install. I posted on the forums and got general advice with no real answer. I hope the released game will install correctly, because I have vista 32 bit, nvidia gt 8800 graphics card, 4gb of ram, and 120gb of memory. I can run Skyrim on ultra.

I found out town sieges aren't in and that makes me hesitate, because I don't want to buy this game and see it go nowhere. I'll be blunt, the release seems pre-mature, but as of now you guys seem dedicated to adding content. Besides any reply to my previous comments, I just want to know: Is it one big mmo server for everyone? How do you defend while offline? How much time must I put into making a successful city? And finally, when will town seiging and any other essentials be implemented?