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Old 12-03-2011, 10:15 PM
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Joseph Visscher has extremely good reputationJoseph Visscher has extremely good reputationJoseph Visscher has extremely good reputationJoseph Visscher has extremely good reputation

We are not like big games and publishers like EA that finish version 1 then abandon it and make game number 2.

Buy the game for what it will become not only for what it is!

Here is two small user reviews' i seen, there is not to many reviews for it yet as we just separated with 505 games and where busy as hell fixing bugs, its a Saturday and i just signed off 7 and a half hours fixing bugs and balancing issues:

"JShoome Nov 24, 2011 8/10
My wife and I picked up this gem this week and cant stop playing. Sure it's not as good looking as anno2070 but this is just as addictive - and the fact that it's all online and u can fight each other seals the deal. I might post updated review once i get more time. We recommend this to everyone who likes town building and blooooooody battles! I'd give this a perfect 10 if graphics were a bit better. 8/10"

"wArrior_DoTa Nov 2, 2011 10/10
Great game, maybe rushed a bit, but youknowwhat - it`s in much better shape than Strongcrap 3 or GoT: Genesis. Gameplay idea is the most original I`ve seen lately, finally someone got MMO Strategy right. 10/10 Visually the game is stunning, super friendly community and lots to do! Sure it`s no Shogun 2, but sometimes I find game world even more appealing, especially with all the season changes and so on. Love the game`s music - Elves FTW! Although sound effects could use a bit of work. This would have been my favorite strategy game of all times if it wasn`t for the few bugs and work in progress stuff like town sieges and guilds... But the guys who are making the game are working really hard at fixing everything, and the new town I started this week runs just fine. They already released countless number of patches in whatever few days the game been out and Halloween promo with the free bloody dragon just rocked! I`d recommend this game to anyone - but you better have a good comp, it runs well for me - but I`ve seen some players complain about performance on old Windows XP laptops. But again to show how good support team is - they even give refunds to players who get bad performance."

What are your systems specs pareod because you will have a much better experience if you have a powerful computer. if you have xp with moderate specs, duel core 512 video, then i'd reccomend you to wait a month or two for lagspike fixes!

You can also think about this, if you buy dawn of fantasy, my share of that money is just under 4.80$ for 4.5 years of work on my part making massive portions of the game and for all future work I will be continually doing! That money goes towards paying rent and buying food ~ Not buying CEO a sports car or filling large rich company's pockets.

And welcome to the forums by the way!
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