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Old 12-03-2011, 08:19 PM
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I've seen at least two reviews of the game, don't remember the links though, but either way they reviewed the game right around the time when it was released and the game really wasn't ready to be released at that time. It will probably take some more time before it's perfect, but most of what the reviews complained about (at least the actual bugs) are fixed already, and they keep working on it with new patches at least about once or twice a week. There are also quite a few new features they plan to add, so there's lots of hope for the future.

That said, I'd buy this game more for what it can be (and to support the developers) than for what it is at the moment, there are still quite some bugs. That doesn't mean that it isn't fun to play, just that you sometimes run into bugs. If the bugs cause you to lose troops or something just post about it in the forums with a log file and some info about what happened and the developers will help you. Either they will restore things or give you "Influence" (basically the ingame currency) if they are unable to, so all you lose is a bit of your time. So in the end that's what it comes down to, do you have enough time for the game at the moment, or not? If you feel that you don't have much time perhaps it's better to wait a couple of months until things are a bit more stable.

Don't just take my opinion though, hopefully others will post as well