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Old 12-03-2011, 05:14 PM
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Default Swamp elves outside walls layer needs a change!

Ok so right now swamp elves have the biggest issue: The enemies can easily cross the first layer of walls through the south because the walls are made of a sort of arch,which means the enemy don't need ladders or catapults for this part.
I wouldn't mind if it was due to balance, but the other 2 elven lands have 2 places that need to be defended and have full walls with 2 layers. Swamp elves have 3 places, with 1 of the walls design being useless,since the water in front of the gate doesn't actually prevents the enemy from entering,but instead makes them take that way to get on the first wall easily. We either need a 3rd layer on south side or the water to prevent an entrance to the south gate.

edit: and I think elves were supposed to be master of defense, so right now swamp elves are def the hardest race to defend in game,due to traps requiring pop(garviola) and the arch type of wall
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