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Default Man the Walls

Actually you see that every NPC City has single Units which are lined on the Walls

However you yourself cant do that as your Squads stick together and will only be lumped on a single spot of the Wall

Now the Suggestion is pretty simple

Give Units a "Man the Wall" Button

This Button will work as follows

If its Activatet the Unit will Man the Structure Clicked on Next

If that Structure is a Wall Segment the Unit will Spread out on the Segment as well as on the Adjacent Segments (means it will Position itself on 3 Segments of the Wall)
.... This will allow Archery Units to Defend Walls ..........

If that Structure is a Staircase Segment the Unit will Spread out on the Staircase and on the Wall Segment the Staircase Leads to.
..... This will allow Melee units to Defend a Staircase leading up a Wall ..........

If that Structure is a Gatehouse the Unit will Spread on top of the Gatehouse and on the Adjacent Wall Segments (means 2 Wall Segments and the Gate Itself will be Manned)
...... Allowing Archery Units to Man a Gate............

If that Structure is the Gatelever the Unit will Spread below the Gatehouse behind the Gate itself (means it will block the Gate)
...... Allowing Melee Units to Defend the Gate ..............

If that Structure is a Tower the Unit will Spread out on the Tower and on the Adjacent Wall Segments (means on the Tower and on 2 Wall Segments)
....... Allowing them to Man the Tower......

Pls note that depending on Race this might differ
but I think you get the Overall point

Of course If a Unit has Manned a Wall, Tower, Staircase or Gate
it will get Bonusses which will Replace the Formations Bonus and will Work as Bonus for their Positional Advantage

Means that

Units on the Tower will get 30% Increased Range and 50% Increased Armor against Piercing Attacks

Units on a Wall will get 10% Increased Range and 30% Increased Armor against piercing
(special Bonus for the Rooftop Upgrade)

Units on a Staircase will get 50% Increased Armor against Slashing and Crushing as well as 20% Damage Bonus to their Weapon

Units on a Gatehouse will get 20% Increased Range and 60% Increased Armor against Piercing Damage

Units inside a Gatehouse will get 30% Increased Damage Bonus to their Weapon and 30% Bonus to their Health and all Armors

Of course those are just hyphotetical values
Advanced Gatehouses should get extra bonus and so on

means the values must be adaptet at the stuff of course

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