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Old 12-03-2011, 12:14 PM
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I have been playing the beta weekends for this game recently and i have to say the story that bioware have come up with is really good for the classes ive had time to try out, I was wondering if anyone from the community or Reverie is gonna give this game a go?

As the release of the game approaches (20th of december or earlier if you have preordered and got early access) I find myself quite looking forward to playing especially since christmas holidays are around that time too. Although some of the game could use some work in areas i find myself drawn the most to the story aspect, Sure the game will have the things mmo's are supposed to have but the story is what stands out so far for me.

I know this probably means we wont see another single player knights of the old republic game but if bioware do things right it old republic should offer some quality entertainment to those it appeals to.

The cutscenes are very well voice acted too, Youll probably recognise a lot of the voices from kotor, dragon age and mass effect.

So back to my original question, Anyone giving this game a blast? Or considering it? Thoughts?

If we get a few people, I call for a guild called 'Reverie' !
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