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Old 12-02-2011, 05:57 PM
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As far as i know, Men of War is published by 1C Company? Anyways. Hes obviously a troll because he has not contacted us about lost anything that can easily be compensated at anytime.

A player today lost 150 wealth, I went onto his account and gave him 250 wealth and about 50,000 gold. I don't really know what the hell your smoking VALKYRIE_VAESIR but I bet some of us Canadians would love to know. btw, last weekend i worked 30 hours, this week-days will be between 30-45, we are not EA, we are not rich and we certainly do not leave our game in the dust.


Dof online kingdom Server USER: VAESIR = could not find client

Are you playing offline? :O

I search via his Email, prieston***** rest of email he does not want it public.) Searched data base via email and it came up with nothing, no accounts of anything... so VALKYRIE_VAESIR you don't even have the game? Or just using a different email?

Really looks like a troll to me. thats cool.

tell you what VALKYRIE_VAESIR if you give me your account name I'll give you 50 free wealth and 5000 gold~no catches, but i doubt you can accept this gift due to how wonderful your last post was because I believe you dont even own Dawn of Fantasy.
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