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Old 12-02-2011, 02:59 AM
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Grizzlez has very good reputationGrizzlez has very good reputationGrizzlez has very good reputation

Username: grizzlez
Town name: Guraneshka
Slot: 1
Problem: If I try to load this kingdom up it gets as far as the loading screen but doesn't actually load it up and I have to crash the game in order to do anything else.

Town name: Fantasia
Slot: 2
I have a quest telling me to wait for orders, so I was building my city up for a couple hours but no new quest ever came up.

Town name: Sindala
Slot: 3
Whenever I get a quest to defeat a stronghold all I have to fight is 1 battalion of archers sat on a tower and after they die I win.