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Old 12-01-2011, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by VALKYRIE_VAESIR View Post
"more of a console game publisher" "505 is taking some time to evaluate the PC and RTS markets and how to target those audiences" HAHAHA WHAT!? no offense but maybe it's you that needs to do your research or is that just the excuse 505 gave you, opf, arma, arma QG, arma 2,
all on pc, men of war too a very popular fanbase/modding community rts game........

"Dawn of Fantasy is truly blessed to have the most amazing fans in the world"
Oh wow i love this game to bits but its hard to sometimes with the army eating, game crashing, crown losing, server disconnecting bug fest the plagues all us "amazing fans" if only your bug fixing was as good as your arse kissing, we get it! you are a small company trying to make your way...... sure, fine but you don't even offer players any form of compensation for the loss of all their hard work after your mistakes eat our heroes, army, towns and quests :(

At the moment DOF is great but totally unplayable to all reasonable sense or with any hope of long term progress/achievement, especially to those new players who sit there pleading for help in game as to why their entire army just vanished along with all their resources to which we explain over and over that's how it is and the devs are not bug fixing because they said it is thanks F**king giving and they are not going to do (and I quote) "much"!
Well having 1 post totally shows why you don't know squat about the game. As for devs not fixing bugs that's bs again. But then again you couldn't know since you haven't been around for long.
edit: and no copycat, we already got a Valkyrie, a nice one too
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