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Originally Posted by andreicde View Post
bioware will fail with dragon age 3 for a good reason:They plan to keep the parts they added to DA2. In other words it will still be fast attack style ,recycled areas and boring quests.That's basically what made DA2 fail. Trying to please old fans and also kids who like fast action games.Go figure why us mature DA:O fans don't like DA2 when you see the warrior in DA 2 with 2 handed hammers acting as if he had a toy hammer,mage acting like a martial artist with his staff and rogue jumping all over the place and teleporting behind the enemies,you know something is wrong.

And apparently the staff were proud of their work on DA2 and got mad on the fans who didn't liked their work .So apparently it's our mistake for not appreciating their new style. Oh and I forgot to add they removed choices and dialog from DA2. you know how you could have choices on the ashes,werewolves/elves ,dwarf king and so on?that's gone or leads to same events. And the dialog is so lame that instead of the usual choices they went with a ''funny '' dialog, arrogant dialog or nice(good person) dialog. No more choices,you can just pick good,bad or jester and that's about it.Yep big improvement from DA:O to DA2.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, when series or company goes to EA, it is never coming back for air. Rush, rince, repeat - Next. At least we have the mod kits for DA:O so there will be life after the series has died a horrible butchered death, for years to come.
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