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Old 11-30-2011, 04:59 AM
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well i have a similar vision of game
here my ideas:

1- world map is totally useless as it is now, we need a dinamic map where i can see my enemies and other issue that dont let me feel alone; as all player noticed, this is a stand alone game with a random pvpv match generator, omg kill me pls
2- random pvp match are totally wrong, i MUST decide who i wanna attack, which castle and which enemy, or at last i have to have possibility to choose my target, or if i wont choose, random in a possible choice.
3- at moment is useless have great army, because if u havent a enemy strong like you to kill, u have to reduce army to find enemy, so game is static and dont allow player increase more their strenght, mediocracy rule here atm.
4- we need something to encourage ppl create great castle and army, so a sort of ladder would be appreciated, for single player and alliance players, to comapre greater race and alliance , and allow ppl decide to fight for supremacy
5- new skill system is good, but pls remove mercenaries of other races, i cant really see orc army with human and elves inside, this ruin totally gameplay imho.
6- i think its unacceptable that castles cannot be built as player decide, orc apart its all static, castles will be all same, so siege strategy really wasted, because we can see always same walls, same towers, same all, we need free choice of where build and what, give us possibility to be free to build as i want.
7- it would be nice if player cannot research all, meaning that a research tree would be interesting if some research exclude others, for example if i decide focus on berserk, i cannto research slayer until last lvl, but just something; to be short, give ppl a unit specialization to allow different army in battlefield, and not only a berserk spam or ogre spam, just to give some difference from ppl attitude.
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