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Originally Posted by Gruber12 View Post
you mean something like stronghold 2 using honor to unlock better units and buildings
I guess that might be similar. Might I instead make this recommendation:

Current System:

-Increase your build space by buying your plots. ( I think first one is 900 gold and 9 wealth? As a reference).
-Spending individually earned wealth on upgrades (Resources + A variable amount of wealth).
-No Tax on Gold, or attrition of any resources other than buying upgrades, units, or buildings.
-Only Limit on units or research is your ability to acquire resources.

Suggested System:
- Keep build space expansion but instead of buying a plot, "Petition the King for Greater Noble Title" and increase the wealth/resource or other arbitrary requirements (built a wooden wall?) investment required to do this (This has the added benefit of slowing town growth, which I believe saw was a bit inflated at this time). For argument sake, lets make this first investment 25 wealth, 2,000 gold, a housing population of 25 and at least 5 military units.

-No wealth spent on upgrades, they are unlocked for research upon gaining greater Title. But will require a greater resource investment as well as time (1 hour, 2 hours?). (I.E: A Baron cannot hire mounted knights, but a Duke can invest in the research to do so).

-King charges a tax on all of his vassals, which starts out very low at the earliest parts of the game but increases with growing nobility as well as a salary for your military (Decreased if Garrison?) In addition, greater populations should effect the deterioration of your food supplies - which would cause greater consideration on choosing whether or not to kill your cows, raise pigs or find other ways to ride out the winter. As it is now I have a stable supply of cows/goats and can pretty much turn a blind eye to those resources, I thinks this offers strategic management. Stone/Wood should have small attrition (maintenance)rates based on building types.

-Therefore research, unit max and unit types would be limited on non-wealth based resources (Since greater wealth investments would be required to advance in Nobility) , and your actual noble title.

What I feel this addresses overall , especially what I see as a new player, is the very rapid acquisition of resources and the inability I am having in getting rid of those resources (Especially when I built a market in my city, its just too easy swapping out all that gold that I get from selling from the overwhelming amount of food I have or questing) for something I find useful. I have also gone from a 1 hut town to almost a fully walled up castle in a matter of 2 days, this could be slower as well.

Well these are just my 3 cents, feel free to take them for what they are worth

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