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Old 11-28-2011, 04:43 PM
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Lightbulb Titles,Territories and other suggestions

I think it might be nice to use wealth points to purchase titles, which in turn unlock things within the game.

I.E: Human starts off as a Minor Lord, in order to have X more buildings and upgrade his keep he must become a Baron by having 15 wealth points. Perhaps even allow an individual player to become the King's Steward, a position elected by the in-game player base, that can levy certain rules to benefit the kingdom.

The online kingdom doesn't make me feel as if I'm apart of a persistent online kingdom rather than a individual playing in a static online world, perhaps if territories would "shade" the color based on what race is winning more PVP Battles , there would be a resource and/or other bonus associated with controlling certain territories (i.e controlling plains decreases horse cost, increase farm output) this might make me feel as if I belong to a bigger overall picture. The major castles could only be attacked with a certain % of the territory considered in "control" (could be something like 50%) with the largest castle only siegable at 75%. If an enemy faction is able to do this, it shuts down trade with that sieged city for a full 24 hours.

Hotspots in territories could flare up as crossed swords, allowing a certain number of people to participate at those locations to move a slider towards victory/defeat in that location. (I.E: A a crossed-sword pops up indicating significant PVP going on in an area, multiple battles could be waged at that location for a period of 24 real game hours...whatever faction comes out with the "51%" gains a significant victory bonus towards that territory).

This also allows for the developers to become creative with their other already implemented tools. Players could form defensive locations by forming enough camps that enemy players must defeat in order to prevent movement, and supply loss through enemy faction territory.

I feel like that might pull me more into feeling I'm actually apart of an online world where my Armies make a difference.
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