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Old 11-27-2011, 02:04 PM
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Default The Dwarfs are Coming!

Och aye, ye daft bugger! The world of Mythador is in chaos, ravaged by the War Without Kings, political conquests, peasant uprisings, and rogue wizards. Even the dwarfs of Dunn Ergast, previously unconcerned with the petty feuds of the three great realms, can no longer avoid the din of a thousand battles from their hallowed caves. With a particularly harsh winter blowing in from the north, dwarfs everywhere pick up their axes and head south in unprecedented numbers. They settle in the outskirts of the great Boleta, dangerously close to their ancient Elven enemies; in encampments scattered around Makkada, conspiring with orc bandits; in traveling trade convoys from Dagbor, introducing new technology to markets everywhere while filling their pockets with gold. And… they settle in the towns, demanding refuge for the winter and bellies full of ale. Just don’t go trying to charge these fellows rent.

In this rare visit, the dwarfs will introduce the best miners in the game, two very versatile melee units, and a new technology: gunpowder. With primitive rifles and cannons, the dwarfs will be invaluable when defending your homeland from an attack. But encounter them on the other side of the battlefield and you might as well be head-to-head with a dragon.

During the “Dwarven Invasion” promo, new players will receive bonus codes redeemable in the in-game Market for dwarven units, and current players will receive a 50 percent discount on all dwarven mercenaries. The promo will also feature a new dwarven menu design and new music tracks – for what could be better than blowing your enemy to smithereens with a couple cannons accompanied by a symphony of bagpipes?

The promo starts tomorrow and runs until Dec. 5, so check out our website to pick up your copy of the game to take part in the great Dwarven Invasion! Check back tomorrow for the entire announcement as well as a number of screenshots to see what players can expect!
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