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Originally Posted by soulpaul View Post
thnx for ur help ont he problems before but now i started playing the game and i brought a royal dragon and then went on a quest and then when i finished my quest my royal dragon had disapeared r u able to replace him and also im having trouble with my walls they r building the same wall type on the walls that are already there and there is a bug with the gates where the gate has 2340/1800 life and the gates dont funtion properly they dont work with the command to open and close all gates and when i close them they open back up after a few seconds of staying close and im using the ork race so if u can address these bugs it would help and i really want a replacement royal dragon he costed me 120 wealth
You should post this in the proper place instead of the new's selection. this is the proper thread for bugs which you experience (walls issue + disappearing unit),
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