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Old 11-27-2011, 04:40 AM
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After last Patch I finally had a chance to End an Battle without going OOS

So I can Finally get to the Other Bug which seems to be not Known so far

I am talking about the Bug of an Battle not Declaring Victory despite one side being completly Annihilated
In this Case the Unfortunate remainings of my Garrison which was replaced by more Experienced Units xD

Hers 2 Logfiles

1. From when All Units were Dead but nothing Happened
and 2. From after the Battle Timed Out

Also I am adding an Additional Bug Report
When my PvP Army entered Town to Reinforce my Garrison with Experienced Units

I noticed that my Trebuchets are somehow not right
They are SUPER Trebuchets now
well while that sounds all Fun take a look at my Screenshot

I have Reached all Skillpoint Limits and still have 35 more Points to spend

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