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An idea for dragon race. Obviously they cant all be massive dragons, so most of it would consist of dragonkin like creatures. You have the dragon blood kobold, I love this type of kobold(mostly because of Deekin from Neverwinter Nights), there are various looks at kobold, like the wendigoish ones in everquest, and mephit looking ones from baldurs gate, but I like the 3rd ed D&D(which NWN was based on) take on them. You could have lizardmen types then have the centaurish dragonkin types from WoW which there name eludes me right now, and yantai/naga/Snakemen types as well. Theres Drakes as well(mini dragons). You could even include gorgons(Medusa). And of course have a big dragon for the top army. Theres alot of diff types you can use heres just an idea for outline.

Infantry- Lizardmen
Ranged- Naga
Cavalry- The centaurish dragonkin
Caster- Kobold
Support- Medusa(prolly mostly enemy debuffs than ally buffs)
Elite- Drake(flying breathe weapon)
Capital/Guardian Unit- Red Dragon(reds are usually depicted as ill tempered or unwilling to work with lesser beings)

I'd play with the names tho cuz lizardmen is not really rp for a dragon faction grouping, and maybe play around with the medusa a lil bit as they are more of a nuetral monster type than dragonkin.

And ty DW nice to see my ideas were well recieved.

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