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Old 11-25-2011, 04:02 PM
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Well then.

I.ll be Updating the Post

For the Issue with Unit Training heres a Detailed Description

To Reproduce this Bug Pls go to a City of your Choice and Buy some Mercs at lvl 1
Then Train em to lvl 2 go into View Mode and spend the Points
After that go to City again Train to lvl 3
you will see even tough you Spend the Points before
you will this time Happen to have 6 points instead of 3

ah well actually After last Patch this Bug is Hidden
I Confirmed that theres still more Points Spend than there should be
but it seems the Points are now Spend automaticly
so you cant exactly do anything your self
but you get higher overall stats with the Bug

I ask anyone reading this to not Abuse this
It might Make Units more Powerful
But I dont know of any Side Consequenzes such Units might have to Stability

I am also currently Planning to Delete ALL OF MY ARMY as soon as they Fix the Reset of Skillpoints which Currently seems to eat the Points without awarding the Bonus

Because I get OOS alot
and I know that Many of my Units have been Bugged as I often Went with my Starting Units to do Quests
then went to town Trained em and Recruited new Units
to do more Quests
which is pretty sure to have Bugged lot of my Units
since I leveld em up to 3 or 4 without City Training then trained em at City and most likely received 12 points instead of 3

For now here are the Screenshots of my Gate

Pls note I am aware this is a Minor thing
I am not really bothered by it as well

OOS is much more Importand

In the Shadow of the Black Cross. We Fullfill our Duty in your Name.
And Look forward to the Day we Return to your side Silvanos.
Watching over our Comrades as they Fullfill their Duty in your Name.

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