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Old 11-25-2011, 01:41 PM
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Hey, sorry for the delayed reply, was busy with today`s patch. Ok lets see.

1. Ressources gathered in Camps or Ressources Earned by other means wont get Saved upon Reloggin unless you did something with them for example switching em between two Armys
Yeah I can confirm this got broken in 1.1.1 we`ll have a fix in Sunday`s patch.

2. My TownGates are still Bugged
they got both Upgrades not only Oil to pour down but also the Arrow Protection
and worst is they have the Arrow Protection two times
one on the Gate and one either in the ground below the Gate half sticking out or behind the Gate in Midair
I`m not sure if this will get fixed in the near future, but I`m not exactly clear on what you mean to be honest - can you please add a screenshot.

3. Formations and Orders as well as Groups wont get Saved
so each time I relog or load another Screen I have to completly Regroup everything and put it back into Order
also if I set Bowmen on Towers they will stand aside and below the Towers next time I relog
So I have to move em up there each time again to be ready for Defending.
We do plan to implement this eventually - but only after Pathfinding update is done in two weeks.

4. By Buying Mercenarys and training em 1 lvl at a time and then spending the points after each lvl you can get not only the 12 Points for lvl 5 worth but you will instead get 3+6+9+12
means 30 points for Improvements
Thanks for reporting this, investigating.

1. The East Gate in Soutmont got some Height Gaps in the Wall
where the single components of Wall dont connect properly
as well as a Tower on the South Gate is Flying in Midair if you look closer
This is low priority atm, we are aware of this and other issues in other homelands.

2. Sometimes you can get dragged into PvP despite having Protection for another 5 minutes or so
Should be fixed now.

3. Sometimes when Searching for a PvP Target you will get the message Search Timed Out and then 10 minutes later you suddenly Attack someone without even trying to do that because the Search was still running background
This is fixed now.

4. Currently All my Archers are using Crushing Damage and my Swordmen use Piercing Damage (and yes you guessed right the Macemen and so on use Slashing)
This might be fixed in Sunday`s patch - but I`m not sure.

5. Spike Traps are triggered upon Loading the Home City
That`s on purpose, but we might change that - makes sense for Lay Siege/Castle defend game modes but not for homeland.

6. When Marshing Groups of Units with Attack Marsh order they often run till first enemy in Sight then 1 or 2 mean Engage and the rest of the Guys stands behind
also after Engaging one Unit the Order will be forfeit and wont be pursuit anymore even if the Enemy was Killed
We are not fixing this now, as entire unit movement/combat will change with the pathfinding patch in two weeks.

7. PvP Victory Trigger sometimes wont work leaving you no choice but waiting for the Time Limit even tough you completely Obliberated all Enemy Forces
Please post Log1.txt right after this happens next time. We are not aware of this bug, with the log we could fix this.

8. Commanding more than 18 Units of the Same Type is very Problematic since you cant seperate them from each other but also not select em all together
This is limitation of the pathfinding system, this might be expanded to something like 25 with the new pathfinding system, but we still won`t allow selecting and tasking all 60 units - GUI can`t handle it.

9. Theres no Different Wealth Awards for Different Citys highest Difficulty awards same reward as low Difficulty
For sieging NPC towns you mean? We do plan to implement this in the near future - low priority though.