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Default Bug List for Human Player in Southmont

Stand on 29th November
2 New Bug Reports "Screens and Logfiles Provided in the Attachments"
1 New Logfile for OOS Error I just had
(I.ll keep this up to date with all Info I receive from Kon and or Other Devs and mark Unread/Uncommentet Bugs as New Report)

As the Thread seems to have found Konīs Attention this will be Updatet everytime I find something new and or I get a notice in this Thread

As a sidenote would it be possible to get some more Limit for File Attachments ?
then I could put all Files relatet to this into this Post so they are easier to find!
For now I am trying to put all Screens and Logfiles into the 3 first Posts I had here to make Sure you find em Easyli

Major (Gamebreaking Bugs)

I cant Found Any New Citys
I can still Login into my First City but any New Found City will get Stuck on Loading Screen

__________________________________________________ _____________________
2. Fixed to a Good Degree only happens in rare occurence for me now.

I cant Fight any PvP with above 200 Army Str as it goes OOS in 100% of cases not awarding Crowns and partly even causing losses

Pls note I also verified its not 100% happening when Units trained in a Town
so the rare case of this happening might be a different problem

I.ll put a logfile to this as soon as I get it happen again.

finally had one happen again
I post the logfile in my 3 post

__________________________________________________ _____________________
3. ------------------------------------FIXED----------------------------------------------------------------------

My Hero and some other Units have Incredible Bugged Stats and cant be Fixed nor changed
For Example I have an lvl 9 Archer with 1500 Attack per Arrow that had 24 Additional Skillpoints to be awarded
Another lvl 9 Archer had 105 Attack per Arrow and got 2 Skillpoints

My highest Bugged Archer has a range of about 1000 and does 2000 damage per Arrow (lvl 5 by the way)
While my Knights are pretty much ****ed since they all got Armor at 0% after i had spent their Skillpoints in that ....

__________________________________________________ _____________________
Medicore Bugs (Not Gamebreaking but very Annoying at some point)

__________________________________________________ _____________________
1. Commentet in Work

Ressources gathered in Camps or Ressources Earned by other means wont get Saved upon Reloggin unless you did something with them for example switching em between two Armys

__________________________________________________ _____________________
2. I Posted the Screens and wait for Feedback on the Issue

My TownGates are still Bugged
they got both Upgrades not only Oil to pour down but also the Arrow Protection
and worst is they have the Arrow Protection two times
one on the Gate and one either in the ground below the Gate half sticking out or behind the Gate in Midair

Screenshots - Bugged Gate 1-4
__________________________________________________ _____________________
3. Commented as eventual Future Feature

Formations and Orders as well as Groups wont get Saved
so each time I relog or load another Screen I have to completly Regroup everything and put it back into Order
also if I set Bowmen on Towers they will stand aside and below the Towers next time I relog
So I have to move em up there each time again to be ready for Defending.

__________________________________________________ _____________________
4. Currently replaced by a Bug which gives no Skillpoints at all for Training in Citys and is known and worked on currently.

By Buying Mercenarys and training em 1 lvl at a time and then spending the points after each lvl you can get not only the 12 Points for lvl 5 worth but you will instead get 3+6+9+12
means 30 points for Improvements

__________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
5. Should be Fixed with next Update

My Wall is Missing Segments and Towers and thus has Trebuchets and Units standing in the Air
also its Repairing the Wall in Places where it shouldnt do anything
I hope this wont further Bug my Walls ....

Logfile of this is Uploaded in the post Below as "Log1 Wallbug Logfile"
I also attached some Screenshots for that

__________________________________________________ _____________________
Minor Bugs (Not something that needs a Fix ASAP but should be fixed when theres a little time to do sidework as it might annoy those who got an Eye for Details)

__________________________________________________ _____________________
1. Commentet as low Priority but known

The East Gate in Soutmont got some Height Gaps in the Wall
where the single components of Wall dont connect properly
as well as a Tower on the South Gate is Flying in Midair if you look closer

__________________________________________________ _____________________
2. ------------------------------------------FIXED-----------------------------------------

Sometimes you can get dragged into PvP despite having Protection for another 5 minutes or so

__________________________________________________ _____________________
3. -------------------------------------------FIXED--------------------------------------

Sometimes when Searching for a PvP Target you will get the message Search Timed Out and then 10 minutes later you suddenly Attack someone without even trying to do that because the Search was still running backround

__________________________________________________ _____________________
4. Commented as in Work

Currently All my Archers are using Crushing Damage and my Swordmen use Piercing Damage (and yes you guessed right the Macemen and so on use Slashing)

__________________________________________________ _____________________
5. Not a Bug but may be Changed later on

Spike Traps are triggered upon Loading the Home City

__________________________________________________ _____________________
6. This is Relayed till Pathfinding Update since this might Change some Critical Values

When Marshing Groups of Units with Attack Marsh order they often run till first enemy in Sight then 1 or 2 mean Engage and the rest of the Guys stands behind
also after Engaging one Unit the Order will be forfeit and wont be pursuit anymore even if the Enemy was Killed

__________________________________________________ _____________________
7. Logfile is provided now and has reached the Team to work with it.

PvP Victory Trigger sometimes wont work leaving you no choice but waiting for the Time Limit even tough you completly Obliberated all Enemy Forces

Logfiles - "Log1 All Units Dead" and "Log1after Timer Expired"
__________________________________________________ _____________________
8. Waiting for Pathfinding Update to see how it Develops after that then

Commanding more than 18 Units of the Same Type is very Problematic since you cant seperate them from each other but also not select em all together

__________________________________________________ _____________________
9. Commentet as Low Priority
Well Actually I would make this Higher Priotrity its just a small Change of Values and shouldnt take longer than an Hour at most

Theres no Different Wealth Awards for Different Citys highest Difficulty awards same reward as low Difficulty

__________________________________________________ _____________________
10. New Report

on Worldmap View my Town shows and counts 2 Units less then there are really inside
so I can not only put 90 Units but 92 Units into the Town
when in Homeview mode however
he recognizes the Units right again

__________________________________________________ ______________________
11. New Report

Trebuchets got some Crazy lvl up and Crazy Values
Pls note this has Also happened to other of my Units lately
on top I got negative skill points on other Siege Units

Screenshot named "Super Trebuchets"

__________________________________________________ ______________________
12. Well seems this is due to Corruption of pre patch files and wont happen again

I got some Lifestock which seems to be Bugged
I noticed by chance that my Cows are Gigantic
they are as Big as Ogres
then I checked
and they have over 2000 Food inside em
then I checked my Other Lifestock
and my Sheep also have incredible Values
however they are small like Chicken because they have a crazy limit of 23000 food and only have about 3000 ....

Not that I care but this is quite crazy ^^

Screenshot in second Post below
"Fat Cows" and "Mini Sheep"

Greetz Sunleader
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