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Old 11-16-2011, 11:53 PM
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Default It happend again

I tried to develop a new town (Hightower, slot 3). I succeeded very well until cloning happend several times. I dissmissed many armies to find out that the same happend to my new town as described for my town gronak, slo1t1, in the initial post. I can create only two armies. Creating the 3rd is not possible because my kindom can only support 5 armies, so I am told.

Also the experience bug with my haunter dagon happend again.

I tried to resolve all of this by dismissing all remaining units exceot my hero and my royal dragon.
Still no success in creating army no. 3.

In addition, my hometown tells me that 2 units are in town even it is empty.

It is again very frustrating to find out that the same bugs happen again and again. Especially this major bugs which spoil a town and vey expensive dragons. Gladly my royal dragon in this town is not spoiled until now. But to be honest, I expect that he will be spoiled as soon as I go into first battle wit him.

Please help!
I dont want to loose faith in this game because everything I started until now is spoiled.