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Old 11-16-2011, 07:08 PM
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Default Persistant Changing World Aspect

Would it be possible to implement a system where players are able to help shape the world of the game? Most games these days have gotten away from it but I think DOF would be ripe for a community that is directed by employee Game masters. These game masters could direct pvp and pve scenarios for multiple players that would help shape the game world.

For example, GM plays the role of king for the human realms or multiple kings/dukes/etc. He gives out X number of different missions for various players against say the Orcs. Lets say most of the human players fail the missions and the Orc players succeed in countering those missions in PVP or PVE/PVP mix events. You already have territory borders. Now the Orcs are getting the upperhand so the territory border starts to shift as each side begins to win or lose missions. Eventually it could get to the point that the human's have to help defend NPC cities or risk them becoming burned out and looted.

Thing of that nature. I could explain quite a bit more but you get the idea and I want to login and play LOL. Unfortunately this would require a system where GM's would have pre defined missions or a mission generator of some kind that would be able to link to multiple players and keep track of the mission stats.

This may not be possible. Otherwise, it may be better to have it tied into the feature where players can walk around NPC cities. Perhaps players can enter the city with a small army say 5 or 10 squads and an announcement can come out telling players to gather at that city to defend it or maybe a predefined battleground instance that appears to all players logged in.

What I am getting at is that putting in some kind of roleplay/ active mission generation system with Game Master support would help players interact more and give the world a feeling of constant change as a result of player actions.
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