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Old 11-14-2011, 09:54 AM
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Any Company needs a Source of Income beyond the Game being bought especially when the Game keeps being Improved which is the case here.

Unlike bigger Companys which pay the new Game with Earning from the Last Game and those have a circulation running.

New Companys like this need instant Money to keep Development up

Pls note that just buying it will only pays for the Development up to this point
since the Game however keeps being advanced and improved there also needs to be a constant supply of Money

I Actually Agree with the Idea of having an Ingame Job as Source of Income
since the alternative would be things like Paying for Add Ons and Bonusstuff
or for example Paying Monthly Fees

therefore I wont Sign any Idea which would hinder this Concept

Pls keep in Mind Devs and other Staff in the Company need to be paid in order to keep working on this Game
Same goes for Server and Traffic Costs

So I dont mind this Item Shop as long as it aint Game Breaking
and right now as you can Earn Crowns and stuff via other Options
and as long as things from the Item Shop are not super strong stuff making you invincible

I am absolutely fine with it.
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