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Old 11-13-2011, 06:10 PM
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I will only sign at the time where players who don't buy wealth can't purchase something for free.

Otherwise I was one of the guys who thought of and invented our in game shop system with Wealth, you will like it later on when you can buy a 20$ dof 2 expansion pack for free. or endless amounts of DLC quests, map packs, new world map regions? navel expansions and or homelands's second towns with naval combat. all of this is free, aslong as you have enough wealth earned. we are not like other Free to play games we do not have a currancy that only people who buy with real money can get, Wealth is easy to win you just kill a person in pvp or go complete a quest.

In terms of giving people an advantage, this is incorrect all it does it makes them have to spend less time to achieve the same that would take you longer, or make them stronger so they need to battle stronger opponents and if you are below them completely be unable to attack you.

The economic model will come clear to you after u play a bit, and the income from it will help us pay for the server fees, atleast your not paying a flat monthly rate.
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