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Old 11-05-2011, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Dman View Post
you may be right i understand they will need a constant source of revenue to continue maintaning the game, thats only fair. I do however hope that that take into account the potential for imbalancing that this method generates and also as i mentioned before the sense of accomplishment of building a city or an army is greatly diminished when you can simply buy it.

perhaps a subscription type of setup, although i would expect the game be completly finished and bug free before they ask for subscription, maybe the shop method could remain untill the game is complete.
no actually I'm against subs since they never last. Look at Lotro. It was a sub game then changed into a sub with f2p,then sub with f2p and more mall stuff and now sub but if you buy from store you have to buy tons of stuff.I have faith our devs will balance the shop since they actually play the game as well here so they know when something is too much.
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